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Friday, September 20, 2013

Business group asks city to exempt SMEs from paying grocery listing fees

Monday, September 16, 2013

A BUSINESS organization that represents micro, small and medium
enterprises (MSMEs) in Cebu is appealing to the Cebu City Council to pass an ordinance exempting small and medium manufacturers and suppliers from paying listing fees imposed by grocery stores.
The Filipino-Cebuano Business Club Inc. (FCBI) said in its position paper that the high listing fees imposed by grocery store owners have become a “burden” to small manufacturers and suppliers. It said it makes their products unavailable in large grocery stores.
Grocery listing fees are charges imposed on products to be listed in the grocery’s database. Grocery stores have a computerized system that holds a database of all products for sale. For products to be listed in this database, FCBI said the manufacturer or supplier is made to pay a “listing fee.”
Although listing fees are a requirement, FCBI said the amount imposed by store owners are not regulated by law. FCBI said with the absence of this law, “store owners have the freedom to impose their desired amount for listing fees.”
The cost of listing fees range from P5,000 to P10,000 per stock keeping unit per store outlet.
“FCBI considers the listing fees imposed by grocery outlets in Cebu City a setback to small and medium manufacturers and suppliers here,” the position paper said.
In an interview, FCBI president Rey Calooy said all they want is a level playing field where small players can also thrive alongside big companies. He said regulating the cost of listing fees or exempting smaller suppliers will allow them to compete with imported brands.
“One avenue that helps promote the produce of small players is the supermarket. If you want to expand locally or globally, presence in well-known supermarkets is a factor that investors consider,” said Calooy.
FCBI anchored this appeal for exemption on the Magna Carta for MSMEs, which recognizes the potential of small and medium scale entrepreneurs in employment generation and economic growth.
A discussion on the appeal will be held this Friday.
According to Department of Trade and Industry (DTI)-Cebu business development division chief Elias Guia Tecson, the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development (MSMED) Council has called the attention of grocery store owners about the appeal and invited them to attend the discussion set this Friday with the FCBI, MSMED Council and supermarket and grocery operators.
“We haven’t heard from supermarket operators yet. But we’d like to hear their side also,” he said.
Tecson said a resolution will be released as soon as both parties arrive at an agreement.
Published in the Sun.Star Cebu newspaper on September 17, 2013.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Networking Night gathers over 120 entrepreneurs in Cebu

Grow Your Business

Networking Night gathers over 120 entrepreneurs in Cebu

By Carlo P. Mallo

Jun 22, 2011

Over 120 entrepreneurs gathered at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Cebu City for Entrepreneur Philippines' second Networking Night of the year. After several months of planning and a heavy downpour just a few hours before the event, the Networking Night in Cebu City turned out to be a successful event.

Entrepreneurs, both aspiring and startup, attended the event to hear success stories, tips and advice from some of Cebu’s most respected businessmen.

Event speakers who inspired fellow Cebuanos in the business scene were Rey Calooy of RNC Marketing, who tapped the potential of sachet packed sugar, coffee and cream; Joseph Gandionco of Julie’s Bakeshop, who helped his mother start what has become the country’s largest bakeshop chain; Jay Aldeguer of Islands Souvenirs, who saw the untapped potential of the souvenir items industry; and Manny OsmeƱa of Manny O Wines, who recognized the lack of wines suited for the Asian taste.

To give you a better picture of the Networking Night's success, check the gallery below.

If you missed the Networking Night in Cebu, you can still learn from our speakers by checking these out:

- Turn fireworks into an explosive business in 5 steps
- 3 products every aspiring restaurateur in Cebu must offer
- Uncork the secrets to the success of a Filipino's wine business

Photos by Rocel Ann Junio

Saturday, July 23, 2011


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Labing unang librong binisaya nga nagtug-an sa sekreto aron kitang mga Pinoy moasenso.

“The state of a country is only a reflection of the collective consciousness of the masses living therein”

Pasiunang Pulong

Ang mga ideya sulod niining imong gikuptan nga libro gamhanan, mao kini ang gigamit sa mga bantugan ug mga malampuson nga tawo sama nila ni Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Donald Trump, Barack Obama, ug daghan pa.

Kining mga ideyaha mao usab ang gigamit sa pipila ka mga Pinoy nga niasenso na sama nila ni Henry Sy, Lucio Tan, Manny Villar, John Gokungwei, Agusto Go, ug uban pa.

Among gituyo sa pagtapok kining gamhanan nga mga ideya sa tumong aron kakuhaan og pagtulon-an sa mga Pinoy.

Kasagaran sa mga Pinoy, gawas lang niadtong mga hilig mobasa ug nanuki-duki, nahikawan niining gamhanan nga mga ideya




1-Jan-91 feb march april may jun july aug sept oct nov Dec. 30,'91 total
RUNNING BANK BALANCE 500.00 1,171.00 1,921.00 2,372.00 3,227.10 4,118.90 4,710.31 5,425.31 5,902.31 6,409.31 7,004.31 7,488.31 10,950.31
CASH IN fr. Salary per month 3,300.00 3,400.00 3,200.00 3,150.00 3,050.00 3,175.00 3,500.00 3,025.00 2,900.00 4,000.00 2,800.00 2,900.00 38,400.00

SAVINGS PLAN 15% 495.00 510.00 480.00 473.39 458.53 477.45 525.00 453.75 435.00 600.00 420.00 435.00 5,763.12
FOOD 32% 10% (rice 1,000.00 1,050.00 1,024.00 1,009.90 978.20 1,018.56 1,120.00 968.00 928.00 1,280.00 896.00 928.00 12,200.66
20% ( sud-an)
2% other
RENT 250.00 250.00 260.00 275.00 250.00 260.00 270.00 275.00 250.00 250.00 250.00 250.00 3,080.00
DEDT Payment or Load 90.00 90.00 100.00 80.00 60.00 65.00 60.00 50.00 60.00 50.00 70.00 60.00 835.00
MEDICINE/ VITAMINS (5/day/vit./day/med.) 150.00 170.00 150.00 160.00 150.00 170.00 160.00 170.00 150.00 170.00 150.00 150.00 1,900.00

120.00 125.00 130.00 135.00 120.00 100.00 90.00 100.00 100.00 400.00 100.00 75.00 1,595.00
CLOTH 3 dresses/ yr. 100.00 80.00 90.00 100.00 85.00 90.00 100.00 90.00 80.00 150.00 50.00 100.00 1,115.00
LEASURE/RECREATION (jollibee dinner out) e dinner out) 80.00 60.00 70.00 75.00 75.00 80.00 90.00 80.00 75.00 200.00 75.00 70.00 1,030.00
PARENTS/BROD/SIS. 264.00 250.00 275.00 250.00 200.00 280.00 280.00 260.00 250.00 400.00 250.00 250.00 3,209.00
ELECTRICITY/ WATER 100.00 110.00 120.00 100.00 90.00 100.00 80.00 90.00 100.00 100.00 100.00 80.00 1,170.00
50.00 40.00 50.00 40.00 50.00 50.00 60.00 50.00 50.00 200.00 50.00 100.00 830.00
INSURANCE ACCIDENT 25.00 25.00 30.00 20.00 25.00 20.00 25.00 25.00 25.00 25.00 25.00 25.00 295.00
EDUCATIONAL ASSISTANCE 10% 300.00 400.00 300.00 250.00 350.00 300.00 250.00 100.00 300.00 250.00 2,800.00
OTHER UNEXPECTED EXPENSES 100.00 100.00 150.00 50.00 75.00 100.00 100.00 90.00 75.00 80.00 90.00 100.00 1,110.00
NET CASH MOVEMENT 176.00 240.00 (29.00) 381.71 433.27 113.99 190.00 23.25 72.00 (5.00) 64.00 27.00 1,686.51
add: 13th month pay 3,000.00 3,000.00
Total Cash saving year end 13,950.31
Note: All allocated BUDGET must be put inside an envelop

This is I want to share with you after 20 years of keeping my personal secret of how to raise financial capital.

Please take this very serious & apply total financial discipline for your good.

I made this in 1991 when I was employed in pharmaceutical co. receiving less than minimum wage but this not a hindrance for financial success. Money cannot make one rich, it is your attitude & discipline that truly make you rich.

Watch out my book to be launched later this year or early next year . This book is written in Cebuano dialect. Tilted: "MO ASENSO KA PINOY"

Pls. follow this blog for more update & please share your Golden Ideas or Positive comments about this book.

Thank you